Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome to the blog!

Life is a box of surprises and as such I got a permanent resident visa past month and intend to move to Canada as soon as I get a job! Or within a year, anyway.

I am in Brazil. I have been a professor here for quite a while. I started to teach in an MBA course (part-time) while I was still working full time in a multinational company. It was October 2000. In 2002, I finished my master course, started my PhD course, and became full time university professor, quitting a-10-year-career in companies. From this time on, I have been a full time professor. In 2006 I finished my PhD in Business Administration, major in Marketing. And today, 2009, I teach in Master of science, MBA and undergraduate courses, teaching both Marketing- and Finance-related subjects.

What will I do next? I will start a new career as a professor in Canadian universities or colleges. I just have one little problem... I don't have a single contact in Canada. And, as everybody knows, specially in educational area, it is rare the case that you will get a job position without contacts.

But, as I am the kind of person that when looks at the half-filled cup of water thinks that it is half-full instead of half-empty, I believe that I am the lucky and sure I will have one place for me. I believe that the Internet is the means of establishing new contacts and that I will find a way to have my special place to work and to live. :)

I want to share this adventure with you. Since that I am still giving classes in Brazil, I also will share my experiences here as a teacher and I invite everyone to share one's experiences with me as well!

Take care and thanks for your visit!